Hallo Everyone...

My Name is Muhammad Aldi Aulia Faturohman, and I am a teacher and hardware enthusiast, particularly interested in microcontrollers, embedded systems, and single board computers. I have experience in several IoT and Web Developtment projects. Graduated with a degree in computer engineering. Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Information Systems.


Intruktur Utama (Oct 2023 – Present)
Balai Latihan Kerja Komuntas
Yayasan Pesantren Luhur AL-Wasilah

Founder (Sept 2022 – Present)
PT Toughth Ware Lab

ICT Teacher (Sept 2023 – Present)
SMP IT Wasilah Intelegensia


Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Bachelor of Computer Engineering
2018 – 2022

Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Master of Information System
2018 – 2022


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